Titration of damage to automobiles


We provide a free initial consultation to make an assessment of the viability of your case. We will help you expedite your judicial case an if necessary also your defense before the courts with the benefit of our professional experience

 in the field of the law as it refers to use of the highway.

 We are specialists in the generation reports. We offer support and direction of legal proceedings regarding cars, motorcycles, commercial vehicles an agricultural machinery, in our capacity as expert witnesses in the management of your court case.

  • We can mediate in conflicts arising out of the sale and purchase of vehicles. In these cases we perform a rigorous study of any mechanical failures and their causes with the aim of discovering the existence of occult defects which have come to light only after the purchase or sale. Any defect or fault must be clearly demonstrable after the point of purchase or sale as a pre-existing defect, or a result of abuse, or the normal wear process. It is  particularly in cases of sale/purchase contracts between commercial and private parties that it will be determined if the fault has come to light during the guarantee period established in the law for the defense of both supplier and consumer. In the case of purchase/sale between private parties to establish the liability for correction of the latent defect (s).

auto lexpericia

  • We act as mediators in disputes between insurance companies and private parties in any case of disagreements between the insurance company and the insured party.


  • We can act as an expert witnesses on behalf of  the aggrieved party according to the legal provisions of article 38 in the regulation of private insurance and if required as expert witness for prosecution and defense of any judicial case.


  • In the case of fire damaged vehicles we can perform detailed examinations to determinate its exacts origin.


  • In the case of water damage by flooding we can assess the extent of damage and feasibility or otherwise of repair.


  • We can prepare data sheets for the purpose of homologation in industry, of changes or modifications carried out on vehicles and of vehicles imported to the open Spanish market.


  •  In the case of road traffic incident we have a panel of experts in the reconstruction of road traffic accidents and can determinate speeds and angles of impact of any involved vehicle and trajectories of all vehicles up to and subsequent to the points of impact.


We can draft reports regarding the market values of vehicles before and after incidents and so can set specific monetary values for agreeing compensation.