Rating injury


You may avail yourself of the experience and advice of our expert witness in the assessment  of any names of bodily harm injury and the preparation of reports for the courts for the purpose of prosecution or defense of any third party required by your case.

Our medical expert s are available to examine injured parties in theirs our homes if situated in Málaga capital and if travel is necessary we should be able to arrive at a convenient solution for all parties.

medicos lexpericia

Among the services offered by our medical experts are:

  • The examination and reporting on origin, nature, severity and prognosis of injury and projection of likelihood of temporary or permanent disability in the field of civil responsibility in traffic incidents (drivers, passengers, pedestrian) And in any other field of human activity whether commercial/industrials a result or personal injury from falls in public streets, malls or other public place.


  • We also offer studies of disability in the workplace to determine its effect on the work capacity of the individual.

In all cases a preliminary feasibility study will be undertaken to assess likelihood of a favourable court judgement and likely awards for damages sustained.

Our medical experts cooperate and communicate closely with the legal services to optimise the court judgements