Legal Department


Close cooperation between our lawyers and expert witnesses is necessary to ensure optimal court case results. We can assure you of the full involvement of our legal services and expert witnesses in all forensic matters in the pursuit of optimal courts judgements.

Our lawyers are members of the Civil Liability Association and the extensive experience in both prosecution and  defense  litigation in the pursuit of claims for damages resulting for material damage or bodily injury.

juridico lexpericiaThe field of civil liability is very wide, the most common claims being related to the world of motor vehicles, their use and transactions, thereof the assessments of claims, damages and disputes involving them between insurance companies, expert witnesses, repair shops and the insured individual.

  • Finally in addition to traffic incidents and vehicle insurance, our panel of experts include not only lawyers but other professionals who may be use to you in the assessment of damage to buildings/communities in theirs constructions or repair.


  • Personal injury caused by defective public property and governmental public liability resulting from falls or other accidents in commercial centres giving rise to claims for injury or death.Liabilities, responsibilities, duties and contracts  in general leasing and trading.


  • Inheritance, family law, divorce, separation, paternity, affiliation.


  • Declarations of ownership, mediation, of boundary disputes, easements….