Damage assessment in various.


We offer free consultation and appraisal of the feasibility of your case. You may have complete confidence in the experience of our experts who will offer you guidance and advise at all times in the conduct of your case and any legal defense you may require in court. We are also experts in the mediation and conduct of legal proceedings related to the capital assets of homes, buildings and SME’s. regarding  your defense in court.

  • We act as mediators in disputes between insurance companies and private parties and in disagreements between expert  opinions of the insurance company and the interests of the insurance partyWe can act as de expert witness on behalf of the affected party under the power of article 38 of the law on the regulation of private insurance or if required to act as the prosecuting expert witness.

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  • We have experts in assessing losses caused by fire, theft, criminal damage, water damage and other meteorological phenomena resulting in loss off profit/rent whether in housing, construction or any other type of business.


  •  We can also draft reports in cases of civil or matrimonial cases and their presentation to the court to achieve a Just outcome.


  • We conduct expert examination and prepare reports related to the construction industry including structural, geological surveys and matters related to licensing.


  • We can perform energy efficiency reports which are now required by law relating to the rental or transmission of a Property.

 Due to the very wide variety of the assessments and reporting which we offer it is not possible to detail every possible scenario please feel free to contact us personally with your particular issue.